Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Tall Dude

Okay, so, if you've read this far through my blog, you might have seen some comments that are confusing without context. I never really intended on talking about this when I started this blog, but I suppose it was inevitable. It was my fault for commenting on other blogs and attracting the wrong people.

There's this being. You may have heard of him already, if you haven't, I just hope that reading this isn't going to fuck up your life or anything. You know what? If you want, you can treat this as some crazy ramblings and ignore it and anything else that sounds insane and just concentrate on what I say about music and stuff. But for those who don't want to ignore this, I'm sure you've figured out what being I'm referring to. Too tall, too thin, dressed dark and faceless. A being of many names. I like to call him the tall dude, just because it makes things easier for me if I trivialise him a little and push him out of my mind as much as possible.

Anyway, there are people who work for this tall dude. A lot of people. I'm just one of these people, in just one group based out of New York. We receive orders from higher places and do the jobs we're given. What kind of jobs? Some of us have to track down enemies of the tall dude, whom they then have hunted down and killed by others. We have hackers, torturers, pilots, really whatever is necessary, we find, one way or another. My job is not quite as fancy as I tried to make it sound. I'm what's called a sweeper. If someone makes a mess, my job is to sweep it up by any means necessary. I'm a fixer.

If anyone reading this has heard of another blog called Don't Shoot The Messenger, they'll already know about some of the people I work with. You don't need to be familiar with that blog to read this one, if it becomes necessary for me to talk about my work and whatnot, I'll make sure to explain as if you've never even heard of them.

Most of the people in this group live in an apartment complex about half an hour away from where I live with my room-mate, another member of the group by the name of Theta. I used to live with my partner, an uptight berk called Cardinal, but our living styles just weren't compatible, so I asked our financier, a cool guy called Jacob, if he could reshuffled the living arrangements and he was amiable, as Theta's previous room-mate had vacated the premises. So that's how I found myself living and having weekly footraces with a modern-day Adonis.

If I think it's relevant, I'll talk about this stuff more, but as I said in my comments on one of the previous posts I'd rather just talk about music and stuff, so that's what I'll be doing mostly. Speaking of which, stayed tuned for my top 10 albums of the noughties, which should be up this week.



  1. So a new class has been revealed. Sweepers. Heh. Nice to meet you, Holiday.

    1. You too, Dia. Hopefully I won't lose you with all my talk of folk, indie and country music.