Thursday, 6 September 2012

For Now, At Least

Justice has taken myself, Virgil, Meridian, Theta and Nee-chan off the hunt for the rat, as predicted. Cardinal and his trackers are still on the trail but Dullahan and Calliope have been taken off notice. It could be a while before the rat gets caught, so it's business as usual for the rest of us, which should keep people off my back for a little while.

Oh wait, nope, I live with psychos. Dullahan is still complaining that he hasn't gotten the chance to eat in a while, like it's my problem to solve. What an unbelievable dickbag. I'm surprised that Justice hasn't cut him loose. He may be a bit of an idiot but he's a lot more principled than Eternity ever was, so you'd think he wouldn't want someone like Dullahan hanging around, but I guess he's changing. Settling into the role.

I might try and get a review or something up here soon. I never wanted to dwell on all this stuff too much anyway.