Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Recruits and Transfers

Oh my, it's been over two weeks. My bad. Like Tempest said, I survived the reshuffling but I had to meet the new recruits and transfers, get to know them and lay down protocol and stuff. I don't get called in that often but we need to have our shit straight when I do or things will go south fast.

Our new trackers* are a pair called Photographer and Mockingbird. Photographer is an experienced transfer and I was very impressed after talking with him, almost as much as I was utterly creeped out by the fact that he acts like a goddamn robot. I get that a lot of people disconnect themselves when it comes to the tall dude but...let me put it this way; there are people, who, when exposed to the tall dude, basically just become completely mindless. And I mean nigh-catatonic. We call them husks. Photographs acts almost exactly like a husk except for being able to talk and do his job. It reminds me of this kid I worked with for a while in the old days. He was autistic but he knew everything about dinosaurs and had no problem telling everyone he met about them. I mean, you could tell that he had problems, but he could communicate and stuff (and play any musical instrument you put in his hands, much to my jealousy). I think the technical term is "high-functioning". Photographer comes across as a high-functioning husk to me. He can do the simplest of things and has a few areas where he's highly skilled but beyond that? It doesn't seem like there's much.

Mockingbird is a recruit. Pretty generic-looking guy, but he has a mighty fine brown coat. His newbie-ness shone through a lot when I was talking to him - he was trying to be very down-to-business while also being visibly nervous, so what happened was he spent the whole time being guarded while also not really being at ease. Whistled a lot, which was pretty annoying. Still, he seems competent and having Photographer around to show him the ropes can't hurt.

The new messenger**, of sorts, I didn't meet. He's some guy called Ratatoskr, an old hacking friend of Justice. He's not actually been formally brought into the group, so I haven't had to meet with him and may not ever need to meet him. I don't know why Justice is keeping him out of the group but I'm not gonna lie; it makes me nervous. Anyone who's hacking can cause trouble, anyone who can cause trouble is supposed to be under my watchful fucking eye. Someone with enough access to compromise us but without the oversight to be reined in - I don't fucking like it.

We also got a new caretaker***, since Justice had some personal problems with our last one, Eddie. It's a damn shame too, since Eddie lasted a hell of a lot longer than anyone else I've seen in the job and was good enough at keeping things under control that I'd never once needed to intervene and help him out. But, hey, Justice is the boss now, what do I know? I've only been in this organisation, fixing other people's problems when they can't handle them, since before he even knew who the tall dude was. Anyway, yeah, Eddie's replacement is this guy called Verde who is just not going to fucking last, which made meeting with him seem like a complete waste of time. You know how I know he won't last? Because he was cheery and when it comes to caring for the husks, cheery people are naive people and naive people break. He's either going to make a mistake on the job and get burned by Justice or he's just going to fucking breakdown and become a husk himself. Either way, I don't like him and his attitude.

So, yeah, that's the reason for my absence. I'm gonna try and put up a review or something in the next couple of days, if I can find the motivation. Until then, amigos.

*trackers = people who trace enemies of the tall dude either through field work or with intel gathered from the Internet so that they can be tracked down and dealt with appropriately
**messenger = a person who hacks blogs related to the tall dude when the proprietors of said blogs kick the bucket so that the world can be informed of their passing
***caretaker = a person who oversees the health and welfare of the husks

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