Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Quiet Hunt

So far, so stale. The rat hasn't left much of a trail, ironically by eschewing his tech in favour of some good old-fashioned fugitive-on-the-run-style shenanigans. Even with four trackers on his trail, it's not been easy and it's breaking the flow of our mojo (read: disrupting normal operations), which Justice isn't happy about, so Virgil and Meridian will probably be getting called back in a couple of weeks, leaving Cardinal in charge of cleanup for now.

Meanwhile, back here in beautiful New York, New York, I have to deal with constant house visits from Dullahan, because he's sick of not getting out to work, Calliope, because she's sick of not being able to talk to Virigl, and that imbecile Turtle, because Justice wants daily updates but apparently can't trust me to just give them to him in person. But can apparently trust a complete outsider to not fuck up our sys-OH WAIT.

Okay, I swear, that's the last time I'm bringing it up. Moving on. No more gloating.

So yeah, my apartment feels like Grand Central at the moment. In addition to the above, we had Nee-chan in earlier, complaining that someone was in her apartment without her permission. Next thing I know, that Roger kid is gonna drop by asking me to requisition him more torture victims or, who knows, Helios might rise from the freaking grave just to come bother Theta and I about something.


I might be in a bad mood.

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