Friday, 17 August 2012

And We're Back

So if you were reading this blog before we went dead, you might have seen me expressing my reservations about the new "messenger", Ratatoskr, being outside the group while still having access to our systems. Well, turns out that, as per usual, your ol' pal Holiday was completely fucking correct. The piece of shit found out that the tall dude, y'know, exists (something which Justice apparently decided wasn't fucking important to tell him!), lost his nerve, killed our systems and went on the run while we had no way of contacting him!

Well, sir, as you can imagine, since we got back online there just two weeks ago, we have been pissed, especially since the process of putting all our shit back together revealed that the damage was definitely sabotage. Once we ascertained that Ratatoskr was the source, Cardinal and I were put on the job with each of us handling a tracker team - he has Photographer and Mockingbird, I have Virgil and Meridian. Whoever finds him first will dispatch the corresponding hunter team - Dullahan and Calliope are with him, Theta and Nee-chan are with me.

In keeping with his general behaviour since he took the helm, Justice hasn't bothered to show his face, instead conducting all his business through Tempest and Turtle. The former is intimidating and authoritative (especially so for a 16-year-old) but Turtle is not and it's hard to take him seriously. Especially when Cardinal and I have gear-shifted into maximum-fucks mode. In fact, I wouldn't have even stopped to make this post if not for the fact that I wanted to gloat about being right. And I was.

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