Saturday, 2 February 2013

Just Came Back From The Hospital...

...where I left Muad'Dib.

That five month gap in updates? That almost half a year when there was virtually no word from anyone here in the New York cell?

He. Took. My. Laptop.

We had to scale back operations due to only having one sweeper on hand. Holy shit, what a moron. Apparently he borrowed it to play WoW because his wasn't powerful enough and somehow fucking forgot when half our cell's ops got cancelled because of it.

Personally, I feel I was completely warranted in what I did. Sure, Justice sent Turtle to reprimand me or something but I'm still on the job, so obviously they didn't disagree. Maybe I went a little overboard. Perhaps I didn't really need to kick Dib to the floor and then smash his face with a door until he needed reconstructive surgery to breath unassisted.

But, regardless, I have my laptop back and that's what's important.

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