Monday, 16 April 2012

Introductions & Co.

So I was sitting here in my apartment, fiddling with my guitar and smoking a joint when I realised - holy shit - I have fucking nothing to do half the fucking time! Taking this sudden realisation into account, I decided to get off my ass and do something, a phrase which here means "I moved the whole three feet from my bed to my computer desk". Then I started this blog and tried my hand at making it look somewhat decent. I don't know if I succeeded and, frankly, when I consider tweaking it a bit, I start suffering from sudden-onset fuck deficiency, so I'm probably just going to keep it at is.

Right, anyway, the name is Holiday, or at least it is as far as you're concerned. I'm 24 and living in New York, where I work as a creative solutions consultant with a community assistance organisation. My job basically consists of coming up with ways to overcome the obstacles faced by members of the group in the field on a day-to-day basis. The only thing is that most of them are pretty competent professionals, so they don't often need my help, and when they do, for the vast majority of problems, I can advise them by text or over the phone, so even when something does go wrong, I don't get called out into the field much.

I'm not quite 100% sure what I want to do with this thing. I'm pretty big into music, so I might post about music a bit. Either way, you can expect me to update this regularly, since, as previously alluded to, I've got nothing to fucking do. So, yeah, I'll follow up this post in a few days with something with a bit more substance.

Peace and love.


  1. "where I work as a creative solutions consultant with a community assistance organisation." Add to that your "non-profit" claims, and that you swear up and down you know Messi and have been inside his apartment complex. Add to that the incredibly suspicious claim that you've seen Nee-chan and Zombie without dying.

    My guess: You're a proxy, that works right alongside the rest of them. Presumably, your job is to haul their asses out of trouble on a semi-regular basis.

    1. Congratulations, you've got me. We're all part of the same crew and, yes, I'm one of the guys who has to bail them out if things go askew.

      Now, can I go back to talking about music?

    2. Pffft, sure. I'm just waiting for other fan girls and boys to find this little blog of yours and start giving you trouble.

      Until then, I'd love to listen to you talk about music. No sarcasm involved.

    3. Stay tuned then, once my brain starts working, I'm going to finish this post about the best albums of the noughties and post it.